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Supply Chain Planning

Optimizing Supply Chain Planning Systems for Pharmaceutical Companies

Real-time collaboration and advanced planning using supply chain planning software

Achieve unparalleled control and flexibility with Slingshot's Supply Chain Planning solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Optimize your supply plan with real-time alerts and continuous synchronization and ensure optimal supply chain performance.

Real-Time Internet-Based Planning

Maintain supply plans for every item and location, incorporating current customer orders, supplier orders, and sales forecasts. Changes trigger immediate evaluation, adjustment, and action for optimized supply planning.

Collaboration and Information Sharing

Achieve true inter-enterprise collaboration by synchronizing your supply plan with trading partners in real time. Automatic alerts and notifications facilitate communication and enable timely adjustments to the plan based on supplier responses.

Accurate Supply Chain Modeling

Define comprehensive planning rules for each product, supplier, and location, including facility calendars, lot sizing, safety stock policies, and lead times. Quickly adapt plans to seasonal or promotional requirements for accurate modeling.

Scalability and Multiple Planning Servers

Scale your planning environment across multiple servers to efficiently model complex, multi-level supply chains. Slingshot's scalable architecture ensures unlimited capacity for future growth.

Demand Forecasting and Analysis

Enter forecasts for each item and location, leveraging historical demand data and forecast models to generate accurate demand forecasts. Utilize forecasting algorithms and review tools to adjust and improve forecast accuracy.

Manufacturing and Work Order Planning

Generate planned orders for purchases, warehouse transfers, or assembly work orders based on demand. Explore multi-level bills of materials and resources to ensure efficient resource allocation and component planning.

Transportation Planning and Optimization

View future transportation requirements across your supply chain, evaluate alternatives, and optimize transportation costs. Monitor the number of loads, weights, cubes, and pallets for effective logistics management.

Graphical Visualization of Material and Resource Plans

Use Slingshot's Supply Chain Explorer to view thumbnail inventory and resource projections. Color-coded graphics highlight shortages, excess stock, and resource constraints for quick analysis and decision-making.

Pegging and Linking Demand

Easily trace supply and demand transactions to identify the source of shortages or excess inventory. Pegging provides visibility into customer orders, forecasts, lot sizing, and safety stock requirements impacting supply.

Planner Notices for Efficient Monitoring

Automate plan exception notices, including stock-outs, overdue shipments, excess inventory, and forecast review requirements. Planners can quickly address notices and take appropriate actions to maintain supply chain efficiency.

Integrated Load Building and Manifesting

Build inbound and outbound loads, optimize capacity utilization, and balance shipments. Generate manifests and load sheets for accurate picking, shipping, and logistics management.

Supply Chain Planning Datasheet (PDF)