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General Ledger

Centralized Control and Enhanced Visibility into Your Finances

Real-time insights and accurate financial reporting with general ledger accounting solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Empower your pharmaceutical firm’s accounting team to efficiently prepare and present accurate financial information with Slingshot's General Ledger software. Integrated with the Enterprise Business Suite, it provides real-time financial data and enables drill-through analysis for quick and accurate insights.

Flexible Account Structure and Roll Ups

Customize your General Ledger account number and define hierarchical roll-ups for enhanced reporting and analysis. Store multiple sets of information in Segments, including financial, statistical, or budget amounts, ensuring comprehensive data tracking.

User-Defined Journals for Detail Analysis

Define unlimited journals to categorize and summarize entries, simplifying data analysis. Journal entries can be automatically summarized for easy viewing, with the ability to drill down to supporting details.

Multiple Entry Methods for Efficiency

Streamline data entry with templates for common journal entries, allowing quick input of amounts for each account. Copy and schedule entries, reverse accruals, and import/export data from Microsoft Excel for seamless integration.

Monitor Key Metrics with Alerts

Define exception conditions ("Alerts") to monitor important metrics, such as budget variances. Alerts keep you informed, allowing you to receive system notifications or email notifications.

Correcting Entries for Accuracy

Quickly correct posted entries by selecting and editing them, automatically reversing and reposting the original entry. Corrections within the same period are suppressed on reports and inquiries.

Automatic Account Creation

Enable automatic creation of general ledger accounts based on valid elements, reducing the need for manual maintenance as your enterprise expands. Generate reports listing all recently created accounts for easy tracking.

Multi-Company and Multi-Currency Support

Manage multiple companies with designated entity elements and ensure balanced journal entries by entity. Maintain local and base currency balances, with automatic exchange rate updates for accurate financial calculations.

Advanced Budgeting Facilities

Develop and store multiple budgets and revised budgets. With the general ledger accounting feature, your pharmaceutical firm can access all stored budgets for reporting and analysis. Adjust budgets with memo journal entries, providing a complete audit trail of adjustments.

Allocation Formulas for Fixed and Variable Allocations

Allocate amounts based on formulas to distribute costs among accounts. Use fixed percentages or derive allocations from financial or statistical information, enabling flexible budgeting and funding.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Easily reconcile bank accounts by entering cleared check numbers and deposits, including bank fees and interest. Support for electronic reconciliation streamlines the process.

Flexible Fiscal Period Control

Configure a fiscal calendar for accounting years, allowing applications to post to current or subsequent budgetary periods. Close applications independently and post closed periods for adjustments. Automatically post profit or loss to equity accounts when completing fiscal years.

Transaction "Drill Through" Capability

Analyzing transactions by tracing them back to their source documents enables a comprehensive understanding of financial activities. Drill through invoices, purchase orders, and journal detail lines for detailed insights.

Integrated Report Writer

Access a complete set of registers, control reports, and table listings. Customize and develop reports using SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports toolset. Generate financial statements, trial balances, and tailored reports that meet specific requirements.

General Ledger Software Datasheet (PDF)