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Systems Integration

Connect, Consolidate, And Streamline Your Systems With Connect

Efficient pharma systems integration solutions for a unified and productive business environment

The ConnectTM tool allows you to integrate Slingshot modules with your existing applications, be they “in-house developed” or “third-party.” Pharma systems integration points are called Connections. You can configure Connections as real-time web service integrations or file-based transmissions. ConnectTM provides a rich API library for ingesting transactions: a data mapping, translation, and transformation tool; the infrastructure to initiate and monitor schedule interfaces; and a database auditing all transmissions in or out. Web services support is provided for both SOAP and RST/JSON. Transmission files can be delimited (e.g., CSV), fixed format, or XML.

Crystal Reports Built In

Slingshot utilizes the Crystal Reports, the world’s most popular reporting tool, for all of its reports, documents, labels, and financial statements. Crystal developers can easily modify standard reports and create new reports from scratch or by copying an existing report.  Slingshot complements Crystal with support for Slingshot formulas, queries, and report initiation forms ‘built it’. Financial managers can create new financial statements on Slingshot forms without the need for Crystal expertise. Reports can be run on a recurring schedule and can be automatically routed to appropriate stakeholders.