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Accounts Payable

Efficiently Manage Accounts Payable for Pharmaceutical Firms and Optimize Cash Flow

Streamline payables processing, supplier communication, and invoice approval for improved financial management

Slingshot's Accounts payable automation for the pharmaceutical industry enhances supplier relationships, accurately forecasts cash requirements, and maximizes cash flow. With features like electronic invoice approval, alerts, flexible check formats, and integrated report writer, you can optimize your accounts payable process and operations for efficiency and accuracy.

Supplier Communication and Self-Service Registration

Utilize the supplier portal to collect supplier information, streamline communication, and reduce follow-up phone calls. Suppliers receive automated notifications at various points in the disbursement process, improving communication and efficiency.

Electronic Invoice Approval and Workflow

Electronically approve invoices through a configurable workflow, ensuring timely processing and accurate documentation. Each approver provides an electronic signature, and the system maintains a transactional history for auditability.

Entry Tools for Voucher Processing

Speed up voucher processing with templates, predefined accounts, and optional descriptions. Easily create new invoices by copying previous vouchers or setting up recurring vouchers for scheduled payments.

Invoice Matching and Tolerance Checking

Match invoices to authorized purchase orders, perform three-way matching for received items, and send invoices for electronic approval. Tolerance checking ensures accuracy by verifying the quantity received and invoice amounts.

Flexible Supplier Management

Define a multi-level supplier account structure, manage multiple addresses, and maintain contact information for effective supplier relationship management. Easily communicate with specific contacts through email notifications.

Efficient Check Printing and Check Runs

Select invoices for payment using flexible criteria and generate checks individually or in batches through check runs. Customizable check formats and quick check printing streamline payment processes.

Electronic Funds Transfer and Bank Reconciliation

Facilitate electronic disbursement, reduce printing and mailing costs, and closely manage cash flow by transferring funds electronically. With an accounts payable manager for the pharmaceutical industry, you can easily reconcile bank accounts manually or through electronic reconciliation with cleared items.

Cash Requirements Forecast and Payment Statistics

Generate cash requirements reports to forecast future payment needs by bank account. Maintain detailed supplier statistics and track payment activities for accurate financial analysis.

Escheat Processing and Compliance

Configure and automatically issue escheat notices based on state regulations. Keep an audit trail of escheat notices and monitor their status through configurable reports.

Accounts Payable Datasheet (PDF)