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Purchase Order Management

Simplify Procurement with Pharmaceutical Purchase Order Management

Efficiently manage orders, suppliers, and procurement workflows. Provide total visibility to buyers, requisitioners, and management.

As the heartbeat of a complete procurement solution, Slingshot Software's Purchase Order Management system leverages the Internet to improve the purchasing process dramatically. With maximum efficiency and no paperwork, our module enables organizations to simplify procurement, reduce costs, and enhance supplier communications.

Seamless Requisition Integration

Integrate requisitions with ease, transitioning from requests to procurement seamlessly.

Configurable Order Types

Slingshot Order Types enable you to create unlimited custom order types to quickly adapt to changing business needs without requiring custom programming.

Efficient Purchase Order Entry

Streamline order entry with automated data population, standard paragraphs, and accurate calculations.

Internet Connectivity and Supplier Registration

Enable suppliers to register and maintain accurate information online. Customize registration forms, maintain data accuracy with automated alerts, and control supplier access with the "Span of Control" feature.

Drive Buys to Contracts and Cost Reduction

Maximize cost savings by directing purchases to contracts. Instantly determine item prices and availability, leverage the Internet for procurement options, and identify potential contract candidates through comprehensive reporting tools.

Purchase Order Management Datasheet (PDF)