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Requisition Management

Seamless Electronic Pharmaceutical Requisition Management

Effortlessly manage requests, approvals, and material fulfillment with requisition management software

An efficient and comprehensive solution to reduce internal costs associated with paper requisitions, tighten financial controls through electronic approval, and drive a higher percentage of buys to corporate contracts. Slingshot Software's Pharmaceutical Requisition Management Module enables you to streamline your procurement workflow by automating entry, approval, and requisition fulfillment.

Real-Time Requisitioning

Easily enter requisitions online with authorized employees, saving time and eliminating unnecessary calls. Review and update open requisitions at any time with transparent email confirmations.

Simple "Self Service" Requisition Entry

Enable authorized requestor to request materials using a familiar shopping cart metaphor quickly. Browse catalogs, search by keywords, and create shopping lists for efficient item selection and modification.

Instant Feedback on Price and Availability

Seamlessly receive real-time information on stock availability and purchasing options. Choose specific suppliers or let the purchasing department handle sourcing.

Check-Out and Electronic Approval

Review and confirm requisitions before automatic routing for approval. Approvers can easily approve or deny requests with a single click.

Audited Receipt and Delivery Processes

Reliably drop-ship items or deliver them to a designated location. Receive email notifications upon receipt posting, generate delivery tickets, and confirm delivery details.

Requisition Management Datasheet (PDF)