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Fixed Asset Management

Effectively Manage Fixed Assets

Improve fixed asset management system and streamline accounting processes for pharmaceutical companies.

Slingshot's Fixed Asset Management software for the pharmaceutical industry simplifies the management and accounting of enterprise assets, providing complete visibility into your asset infrastructure and ensuring accurate financial depreciation schedules. It offers flexibility, seamless integration, and comprehensive reporting capabilities to manage all assets across the enterprise effectively.

Complete Asset Lifecycle Management

Gain visibility into the entire asset lifecycle, from procurement to disposal—track assets from acquisition to deployment, servicing, and obsolescence, ensuring accurate data and control.

Workflow Automation for Configuring Assets

Leverage Slingshot's fixed assets management software for your pharmaceutical firm to automate asset configuration tasks. Assign workflows to appropriate technicians, ensuring standardized setup processes based on asset types, such as software installation or computer security settings.

Physical Asset Identification and Tracking

Easily locate and deploy assets across the enterprise using Slingshot's physical asset identification capabilities. Capture essential details and attach documents for each asset, enabling efficient asset tracking and management.

Flexible Asset Configuration and Grouping

Effortlessly reconfigure assets by exploding them into components, creating asset containers, or splitting/merging financial assets. Manage multiple physical assets as one financial asset, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Streamlined Assignment of Location, Custody, and Ownership

Change asset location, custodian, or owner with a single click, automatically generating necessary general ledger transactions and audit records. Manage asset information within user-defined hierarchies for clear visibility and reporting.

Asset Tracking, Auditing, and Maintenance

Conduct periodic audits using remote batch scanners to track asset accuracy and perform maintenance tasks. Record service events, attach notes and attachments, and streamline workflows for repairs, disposals, or service purchases.

Efficient Fixed Asset Accounting

With fixed assets management capabilities, you can capture comprehensive accounting details, capitalize costs, and associate assets with multiple books for differing depreciation methods and valuable life assumptions. Automate accounting transactions for asset events, such as placing assets in service or retiring them.

Flexible Depreciation and Valuation

Utilize built-in depreciation methods or define custom schedules. Revalue assets based on inflation/deflation, improvements, or impairments, and automatically update accumulated and future depreciation amounts.

Capital Budgeting Capabilities

Forecast future capital needs based on current asset population, expected lifespans, growth/shrinkage projections, and financing assumptions. Make informed decisions for resource allocation and planning.

Integrated Reporting and Alerts

Generate configurable reports for inventory records, activity logs, depreciation registers, forecasts, and more using Slingshot's integrated report writer. Monitor key metrics with system-defined or custom Alerts to stay informed about important asset-related events.

Fixed Asset Management (PDF)