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Inventory Warehouse Management

Elevate Your Warehouse Inventory Management to New Heights

Optimize efficiency, control, and visibility for your inventory operations using an inventory warehouse management software

Slingshot's software for Warehouse Inventory Management empowers pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage and monitor inventory for all types of products in various facilities. Its advanced functionality and development tools enable instant reactions to changing market conditions and functional requirements.

Internet Connectivity for Global Visibility

Access real-time inventory status and future availability from anywhere through a standard web browser, providing global visibility for customers, sales representatives, and authorized individuals.

Virtual Warehouses

Utilize virtual warehouses to shorten supply chains and reduce inventories. Slingshot's inventory warehouse management software for the pharmaceutical industry tracks inventories held by strategic supply chain partners in real time, optimizing efficiency and service levels.

Flexible Warehouse Configuration

Control unlimited warehouses and organize them into zones and locations. Establish rules for pick, put-away, and replenishment at the zone level, with extensive control at the location level. Storage types can be associated with specific zones or locations.

Configurable "Alerts" for Issue Highlighting

Define custom exception conditions (Alerts) to be monitored by the system, triggering notifications for inventory discrepancies or delayed shipments. Users can subscribe to Alerts and receive messages via email or system notification.

Lot and Serial Number Control

Track products by lot or serial number, enabling effective traceability. Define whether tracking occurs in the warehouse or only on shipments/receipts, with date-controlled lot items allowing expiration dates to drive pick and replenishment processes.

Stock Status and Usage Statistics

Gain insight into inventory levels, demand, and supply through detailed stock status inquiries. Monthly usage history aids in optimizing stock on hand and ordering processes.

Condition and Ownership Identification

Attach user-defined condition codes to inventory, determining how it is treated. Specify ownership for supplier consignment or third-party logistics purposes.

Stock Replenishment

Seamlessly integrate the IWM and Supply Chain Planning modules to create replenishment orders automatically. Replenish multiple products at a single location, optimizing stock levels and streamlining operations.

Physical Control

Perform cycle counts based on frequency codes, with options for manual requests and multiple recounts. The system reports discrepancies and adjusts inventory levels, minimizing adjustments and ensuring accuracy.

Financial Integration

Log inventory changes, automatically valuing inventory transactions using different valuation methods. Journals are generated and passed to the accounting system, supporting LIFO, FIFO, Standard Cost, and more.

Inter-Warehouse Transfer Control

Streamline stock transfers between warehouses, ensuring availability verification at the ship-from warehouse and updating on-order quantities at the receiving warehouse.

Integrated Receipt and Shipment Confirmation

Simplify warehouse operations with integrated confirmation of shipments and receipts. Support unauthorized receipts and enforce consistent procedures.

Advanced Warehouse Management

Benefit from advanced capabilities, including RF integration, bar coding, stock locator, multiple pick strategies, warehouse containers, stock rotation, slotting, outbound packaging, task management, vehicle loading strategies, quality assurance integration, and more.