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Woodland Park Zoo selects Slingshot’s procurement suite

December 30, 2016

If he doesn’t get his bananas on time we have to answer to Leo.


The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington has licensed Slingshot’s procurement suite.  Applications licensed include requisitioning, purchasing, and inventory management.
In addition to general procurement needs, the system will be used to print daily schedules of food and medicines required by each animal.  The transfer sheet includes a list of the items and the deliver-to locations within the zoo.  Delivery will be confirmed at “drop off” using tablet computers.  When the delivery is confirmed, inventory balances are adjusted, and the request is closed.  An automated process informs purchasing when stock balances require replenishment.
The Recurring Requisitions feature within Slingshot produces the daily list of materials needed by each animal.  This list is based on a schedule input into the Slingshot system.  The schedule can be on any frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly) and can change at any future date.  Multiple schedules can be set up for each animal.