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Slingshot Time & Billing Scheduled for G2

August 15, 2011

DEDHAM, MA, August 15, 2011 - Slingshot has announced its ninth application module “Projects” slated for delivery in early 2012 as part of release G2.

The “Projects” application is targeted at software companies and other professional services firms.  It provides a flexible “work break-drown structure” allowing activities to be budgeted by phase, task and subtask.  Timesheets can be entered in any web browser and allow hours to be assigned to external projects, internal projects and overhead categories.  Labor costs can be accrued automatically for capitalization of “in process development”, or to measure the profitability of customer projects.  An automated interface feeds hours to the Billing application and produces client invoices.  Invoiced amounts can be recognized immediately or deferred, and recognized over time (ratably) or on a percent of completion basis.   Extensive reporting facilities measure billing efficiency, project progress and compliance with budgets.  For more information contact Michael Mattozzi at 781-329-1900 ext 206.