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Slingshot Schedules G2 Availability – Next Generation ERP solution

January 15, 2011

DEDHAM, MA, April 15, 2011 - Slingshot announced its next generation architecture; release G2, which is scheduled for general availability in October.  G2 will provide a higher level of end user configurability and technical advancements that pave the way to SaaS.  Highlights include:

Support for All Popular Browsers

All Slingshot applications will support Consortium 3 compliant browsers including - Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

“End User” Configurability

User Customizable Forms - Users can move fields, hide / reveal optional fields, change tab order etc.  Changes are saved for the user automatically.  A user can also copy preferences from another user, role or form.  

Dynamic User Fields - Users can add their own fields to any record (e.g. Customer, Supplier, Product, Order).  The fields can be applied to any form at any location.  

User defined filters - Users can create filters that override standard search criteria on forms.  The filters can be named (e.g. Today’s Big Orders) and saved.  They can be made private or shared with other users.

Open Platform for SaaS

The G2 platform is Linux based.  It uses PostGres as a server database.  This open architecture requires no 3rd party license fees.  This results in a lower cost of ownership.  SaaS users will be able to license the Slingshot applications for a nominal daily fee.