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Slingshot Releases New Planner Desktop

May 6, 2013

Slingshot Releases New Planner Desktop Slingshot has released a redesigned planner desktop. The new design provides large, more easily interpreted graphics and user controls consistent with Slingshots G2-3 user interface. Check out a few of the new forms

View a 52 week plan “thumbnail” across many skus

Drill into a single SKU (e.g. Product ST-8555 in BOST

View Orders and Exceptions then Take Action

Slingshot’s Supply Chain Planner nets supply and demand and maintains a schedule of planned resupply orders. These orders optimize inventory levels assuming lead time and transit time constraints, order policies, safety stock policies and other planning rules. The resultant “supply plan” is maintained in real time and instantly adjusted when planning rules, inventory levels, demand orders, demand forecast or supply orders are changed. Additional rules manage the transition of planned supply orders into open orders. For more information, download the Supply Chain Planner product data sheet or contact your Slingshot sales representative.