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Slingshot Launches Release 9.0

April 13, 2007

Slingshot today announced that version 9.0 of its eCity application sutite is ready for transmission to all existing clients.  A summary of new functionality follows:

The Measures Home Page “Dashboard”:  A new “Measures Home Page” has been applied to all eCity applications, providing a single page view of your most important indicators of performance.

This includes customizable menus, configurable Crystal reports highlighting real time business performance, automated alert notification of exception conditions, message board and workflow tracking/approvals.

Year End Closing:  GL accounts are now automatically prepared for the new-year when the next-to-last period in the prior year is closed.

Taxation Computation:  Several enhancements have been made to the computation of tax, to include consideration of additional charges, and taxation of freight.

New “Document Copy” Search Form:  From a list of search results, users are now able replicate an existing “document” to form the basis of a new line item/entry.  This function can save considerable time if similar entries are made regularly in any one of Slingshot’s applications.

Encrypted Data Storage:  Security sensitive data is now stored in eCity database in encrypted format (SQL server only).  This is an important component of the eCity application suite’s satisfaction of the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard.

Multi-Page Select and Apply:  A user may now select items or make changes in the detail area on a page, click Next Page, undertake selections on that page and then click “apply” on the final form.  The items selected (or the changes) made on all the affected pages will now be processed and committed to the database.

Platform Upgrades:

Mid-Tier Upgrade to Microsoft’s .NET 2.0:  Slingshot’s eCity applications are now based on the V2.0 .NET framework.  All implementations from this release onwards will be based on version 2.0 of .NET, enabling our customers to benefit from improved application performance and web development capabilities of Microsoft’s latest development platform.

Oracle V.10 Support:  Slingshot’s application suite now supports Version 10 of the Oracle database management system.

Crystal Reports XI - Release 2 Support:  Crystal Reports Release 2 is now supported as a part of the upgrade to the Microsoft.NET 2.0 development framework.

Additional information is available by contacting Slingshot direct on the details listed above.