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Slingshot Launches New Web Site

April 16, 2007

Slingshot is pleased to announce the launch of its new web site.  The appearance, content and functionality of the site have all been overhauled, ensuring it accurately reflects our current products is optimized to support the web-based marketing activities that are being launched concurrently.

The site’s content has been reviewed to ensure it portrays the eCity enterprise suite’s current functionality.  Navigational updates use current technology to ensure the site’s structure and menu options are never out of synchronization.  This level of automation also enables users to approach the site by "Solution" or by "Application".  A logical hierarchy of detail also enables visitors to the site to review as little or as much detail about a given topic as they wish.

The Customer Connection link into Slingshot’s Software Support Request (SSR) system has also been escalated in focus, and is now only a single click from the home page.  Additional functionality is provided in the form of a Customer Registration Page, where visitors are able to submit requests for information.  The visitor is provided with the capability to determine what information is despatched, and the way in which a Slingshot representative will follow up with them.