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Slingshot Issues Release G2-16

October 21, 2022

Today Slingshot announces the release of version G2-16 of its application software suite. Slingshot’s products include Order, Inventory and Financial Management along with Demand Forecasting, Supply Chain Planning and Warehouse Management.
Here are some release highlights:

  Over Fifty Enhancements Across all Applications
  New Process Automation Application
  Multiple Security Enhancements (user authentication, access monitoring)
  Support for Windows Server 2022
  Dropped support for Internet Explorer browser
  Support for Crystal Reports 2020
  Validated Pharmaceutical Inventory (140 OQ scripts executed with proofs)

A Release Contents document has been prepared detailing all enhancements. If you are an existing customer and wish to receive a copy, contact
Slingshot’s products are based on the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework and can be easily extended using Slingshot’s eTools web development toolset. The modules integrate readily with SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and other ERP providers. If you are not currently a customer but would like to learn more about Slingshot applications, contact