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Slingshot Innovates: Expansion of Search Capabilities

September 27, 2015

Slingshot announces the ability to create search formulas for filtering on all search forms.  Search formulas allow the user to select a set of records by specifying filtering criteria at the top of the form.  

Formerly, these fields allowed one operator (“<”, ”>” or “<>”) for dates and amounts.  This capability has been expanded to allow the user to specify a formula.  The formula can use operators plus a range or list of values.  Precedence can be controlled with parenthesis.

This capability is easy to use and provides the ability to get an instant answer to virtually any question relevant to the form.  Let’s say you want a list of both the “Blanket” and “Quote” purchase orders which will expire over the next 60 days. The example below shows how the user could create this list.

The operator button to the left of each field switches to ƒ when a formula is entered.

Note: The capability is also supported for fields in Dynamic Filters (as shown above).  Dynamic Filters are user-defined and are accessible for reuse.