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Slingshot Innovates – “Self-Filling” Requisitions

November 29, 2016

Many procurement environments do not have formal buying organizations.  Often the requisitioner is the buyer and is responsible for identifying the needed material or service and the best supplier.  Slingshot now allows your security administrator to authorize requisitioners to create “self-filling” requisitions.

The user constructs the requisition in normal manner using Slingshot’s powerful and easy to use search functions, internal catalogue, shopping lists and “punch out” facilities.  A supplier can be specified for the entire request or separately for each item requested.  The unit price is entered for each item on the Checkout Form.  When checkout is completed the request is routed for approval.  Once approved, the system automatically creates one or more purchase orders as needed and fills all request lines.  No buyer needed.

The “Self-Filling” option is particularly useful in decentralized organizations where the requestor acts as the buyer.  It saves effort, reduces human errors and shortens the fulfillment cycle.  Control is guaranteed through Slingshot’s approval workflows which can require multiple approvals based on the type of request, its value or the material on it.   This is yet another Slingshot innovation driving cost and time out of the procurement process.

“Self-Filling” requisitions will be provided in release G2-9 of all Slingshot applications.  This release is scheduled for general availability in December of this year.  For more information contact your Slingshot sales representative at