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Slingshot Delivers in High Volume Environments

June 15, 2022

Slingshot announced it has completed its first year of document processing for Office Depot.  The Slingshot solution ingests all invoice documents received by Office Depot into Slingshot’s “Document Queues” workflow tool.  Documents can be received from a mailroom (scanned), uploaded from a customer portal, received as EDI, Email attachments or via file transport (FTP, SFTP).  Multiple document formats are supported (XLS, PDF, TIFF etc.).  Invoices are validated, GL coded, routed for user approval and passed to ERP for payment.

Slingshot completed the first year of operation in April.  Over 7 million invoices were processed.  The benefits of the solution are lower handling costs, improved accuracy, compliance with corporate policies and auditability.  According to Paul Carr, Slingshot’s CEO, “The Office Depot project proves the Slingshot Applications hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform can deliver excellent performance in demanding, high volume environments.  We believe this proof statement will open the door to future opportunities.”

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