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Slingshot Announces Enhanced “Scalability” for Enterprise Customers

September 26, 2015

Slingshot has announced support for “horizontal scalability” and failover support.  These changes will be part of release G2-7 scheduled for completion in November.  The new infrastructure provides an enterprise scale for all Slingshot applications.

The enhanced infrastructure allows a limitless number of parallel servers managed in a server farm.  Web client sessions are assigned to a server at sign-on.  Load balancing logic ensures the sessions are distributed across servers in an efficient manner.  If a server fails its sessions are automatically distributed to other servers.  Background tasks can also be distributed over any number of “background processors”. (The Slingshot background processor is a Windows service that can be installed either alongside the Slingshot web application or on a dedicated machine.)

These enhancements are in addition to vertical scalability already provided by Slingshot’s infrastructure.  The web server, mid-tier processing and database processing are all on independent tiers that can be sized appropriately.

For more information review the Slingshot Scalability white paper.