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Slingshot Adds Portal Product for Contract Manufacturing Organizations

May 29, 2024

Slingshot now offers a customer portal for its pharmaceutical customers who provide contract manufacturing services (CMOs).  The portal allows a CMO’s customers to view their inventory balances and initiate activities by entering a Service Request.

Several types of Service Requests are supported. The Receipt Request informs the CMO of material which is in transit to a CMO facility.  This includes the Ship From address, expected receipt date and lots shipped, quantities, manufacturing dates and expirations.  The Shipment Request directs the CMO to ship specific lots and quantities to a customer location.  A Destruction Request directs the CMO to destroy specific lots.  A Count Request directs the CMO to take a physical inventory of all material items and/or specific lots. A Test Request directs the CMO to perform stability testing services on a specific lot.  A Batch Request directs the CMO to process a manufacturing batch.  The request identifies all component materials and optionally, lots to be used.  All Requests require CMO review and formal acceptance prior to execution.

The CMO portal is available to authorized users 24x7.  All that’s required is a standard browser.  Each of the CMOs customers has a profile identifying the capabilities available to them.  The customer can set up their own internal users and restrict their capabilities as well.  The portal runs in its own environment and does not have access to the CMOs network or data.  It can be installed integrated with materials management software or “stand alone” with no integration needed.

According to Paul Carr, Slingshot’s CEO, “The CMO Portal tool helps eliminate ad hoc emails.  It streamlines processes, reduces errors and saves time while ensuring complete auditability.  It is also a revenue opportunity opening the door to new services the CMO may wish to offer.  We are excited to be able to provide this to our CMO customers who make up about half of our Pharma installed base.”

Click the link below to download the CMO User Portal data sheet.  For more information, email us at