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Scanning Features Added to eStock

December 20, 2017

A major release of Slingshot’s wireless scanning software has been completed.  Slingshot RFtm allows warehouse tasks to be completed on a wireless scanning device utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operation system.

The warehouse user is presented a list of tasks and completes each task by scanning one or more bar code labels.
The wireless user interface has been completely revamped.  The main “Task Menu” has a button for each task.

Slingshot RF Menu

A count of open task lists appears beneath each button.  A red “!” indicates a partially completed list or lists.   New icons provide a consistent interface for browsing task lists, tasks and inventory balances.  A back button appears conveniently on the top right side of the display allow the user to access a prior form, the task menu or exit.
New features enhance efficiency and allow the warehouse user to complete many tasks without looking at the display.  Distinct tones indicate a completed scan, a completed task and an error.  Smart Focustm positions the cursor at a field requiring manual entry after a label is scanned.  The Enter key on the scanning keypad can now be used to complete a transaction.  The application now provides an “Undo” function for correcting an item scanned in error.  Mass Pickup and Drop-off functions speed the completion of task lists when all tasks are picked or dropped at one location.
Existing functions have been extended as well. The “Receive” function now allows a user to review and post the receipt on the scanner (used to require finalization in the browser).  The review form shows quantities received and backordered.  The “Move” function now allows the user to view items picked up but not yet dropped off (aka in transit).  The “Count” function now allows the user to add a Task for inventory discovered during the counting process.

Bar code label printing enhancements

New label formats have been added.  Warehouse location labels can now be printed on “roll” (thermal transfer) or “sheet stock” (inkjet of laser).  A second format provides two-dimensional (multiple data fields in one scan) bar code labels in a larger format suitable for cases or pallets.
A new form allows the user to print labels for material that has not yet been received in Slingshot.  This allows the material to be labeled and then received using the wireless RF device. A second option is to enter the material in Slingshot and then print the labels.  A toolbox option on the receiving form prints all labels for the receipt.

The new RF features are included in release G2-10 scheduled for general availability on January 8th.  For more information contact Slingshot sales representative at