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Release G2-10 Shipping Now

January 16, 2018

Slingshot announces its latest major release, G2-10.  Release G2-10 began shipping on Monday January 15th.  The release includes dozens of new features.  Here are a few highlights:

Application Enhancements

  • Support for “Travel Policies” has been added to the Mobile Expense Management application.  These policies can prohibit classes of travel (e.g. first class domestic) or can restrict the amount spent (e.g. $50 per day on meals).  Policies can be set as “firm restrictions” (prevents entry of an expense that violates a policy) or “warnings” (informs the user and approver of the violation).
  • A promotions engine has been added to Slingshot’s sales order application (eSelltm).  Promotions can be set up for free or discounted products (e.g. x for y).  They can apply to any set of customers and can be effective for any length of time.
  • A specific customer group can now be restricted to a specific set of products.
  • “Freight Rating” and “Least Cost Carrier Selection” capabilities have been added to eSelltm.  A button on the sales order returns a list of carriers able to provide the requested service (e.g. 2-day ground) and the cost for each.  This feature requires a subscription with the freight rating service provided, ShipEnginetm.
  • Users who forget their password can now request a new one without contacting the Security Administrator.  A temporary password is emailed to the user automatically.
  • The Shopping Cart Import facility has been added for McKesson. This feature allows users to access and shop on a supplier’s site.  When exiting the site, the shopping cart is copied to a Slingshot purchase order or requisition document automatically.
  • A Depreciation Forecast report has been added to the fixed assets application.  This report generates depreciation records for future periods using a specified fixed asset “Ledger Book” (e.g. “GAAP”, “Tax”, “Management”, etc.).

New Wireless Capabilities

  • Mass “pick up” and “drop off” functions allow the warehouse user to confirm multiple tasks with a single scan.
  • Receipts can now be entered and posted on the scanner.
  • A Receipt Review function allows the user to review received and backordered quantities.
  • An Undo function allows the wireless user to reverse a scan when an item is scanned in error.
  • List status is now reflected on the scanning menu alerting the user to partially completed transactions.

Label Printing Improvements

  • Location and material labels are provided in multiple formats suitable for differing inventory units (e.g. case versus pallet).
  • Formats are now available for both sheet feed (laser or ink jet) and continuous role (thermal transfer) devices.
  • A new receiving tool prints all labels for a receipt with one click.
  • Labels can also be printed before entering a receipt.  This allows a receipt to be created by scanning labels.

Contact Slingshot sales representative at for more information, or to receive a detailed G2-10 Release Contents Summary document.