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Release 6.0 Now Available

June 19, 2015

Release G2-6.0 is now available.  This release includes 72 enhancements.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • “Staff” role requisition entry enhanced to mimic consumer shopping sites
    (See Requisitioning Made Simpler for additional information)
  • Approvers now have a “presumptive” approval option up to the value they set
    (See Presumptive Approval Option Added to Slingshot Procurement for additional information)
  • Pick from primary pick point if "Sequence" or no pick rule is specified
  • Improvements to expense allocation functionality in request, buy and pay
  • New “Items Cleared by Bank” report simplifies account reconciliation
  • Support for “catch weight” inventories (attention meat packing industries)
  • Enhanced Payables check run options including scheduled background processing
  • Approval overrides (re-approval) now available in audit log
  • Automatic eMail notification produced when re-approval is required for any document
  • Mobile Approval capabilities now allow expense report approval
  • New Mobile Expense Capture home page lists summary totals
  • Travel expenses can now be assigned a bill to customer number
  • Invoice matching now supports “value only match”
  • Approval tolerance can be specified by “value approvers”

Contact your Slingshot support representative for more information.  A detailed Release Contents Document is available on request.