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Presumptive Approval Option Added to Slingshot Procurement

February 25, 2015

In many procurement environments a high volume of routine small dollar approvals creates a bottleneck.  The requests are stuck until the approver realizes a procurement requires review and takes the steps necessary to grant approval.  Time spent on these routine approvals is time taken away from larger procurements which require careful scrutiny.

Presumptive Approval allows document approvers to grant approval automatically for small dollar amounts.  This feature applies to requisitions, purchase orders, or invoices that require a value approval.  Once the option is enabled the system automatically approves the document and forwards an email confirmation to the approver.  Automatic approval is granted only if the document’s  value is less than a limit established by the approving user.  This limit can be maintained by the user on the dashboard and must be less than a “system wide” limit set by the administrator.  

Presumptive approval joins other advanced P2P tools which reduce invoice processing time and effort while improving accuracy.   For example, the “Quick Match” process allows you to create an invoice by clicking on a matching receipt.  The “Pay Valued Receiver” skips the invoice match process and creates an invoice upon receipt of goods.  Each invoice line’s value is set to the quantity received, times the purchase order’s unit cost.  The “Supplier” portal allows suppliers to review and accept automatically generated invoices.  The “Expense Report Capture” process creates vouchers for approved expense reports.  No manual Accounts Payable processing is required.