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Pedigree Tracking Facility Added to eStock

August 8, 2019

Slingshot’s inventory management module now records and distributes drug pedigree information in compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Acts (DSCSA).  A Transaction statement with the seven required DSCSA assertions and Transaction history Information documenting changes in ownership is captured for each lot received.  The review and acceptance of pedigree information is required before finalizing a receipt.

For outbound shipments, a Transaction Statement is “e-signed” as part of the shipment confirmation process.  This statement and associated transaction histories are forwarded with the shipping documentation (electronic and/or paper).
Transaction Statements, Transaction Information and Transaction Histories are recorded and transmitted by Slingshot’s Connecttm application integration tool which provides multiple transport options (e.g. EDI, web service or file-based transfer) configurable by source or destination (trading partner or 3rd party pharmaceutical lot tracing service).
Drug pedigree tracking is part of Slingshot pharmaceutical inventory module and is scheduled for general availability as part of release G2-12.  For more information contact Slingshot sales representative at