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Machine Learning Added to Slingshot’s Mobile Expenses Application

October 29, 2018

Slingshot has added “intelligent OCR” receipt recognition to its Mobile Expensestm application.  Mobile Expenses is available on IOS or Android powered phones.  The application allows a user to capture expenses by entering the app and taking a picture of each receipt.  An OCR process converts the receipt to text and automatically fills in the expense category, receipt date, description, merchant’s name, credit card # (last 4 digits) currency, and amount.

What sets Mobile Expenses apart is its ability to improve OCR accuracy as each additional expense is captured from the same merchant.  The learning process notes the expense category assignment and the location of the key fields on the receipt and uses this information the next time a receipt is processed from the same merchant.  Intelligent OCR distinguishes between cash and credit card receipts where the location of the data is often different.

The Mobile Expenses app includes travel policy enforcement, a mileage calculator as well as support for company charges and pre-authorized travel.  Once submitted, expense reports requiring approval are routed to all approvers and can be approved in Slingshot’s Mobile Approvalstm application, in an Email notification or on your Slingshot site.  Attached receipts are visible on all three platforms.

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