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Leveraging ERP to Support Changing Business Processes

December 9, 2008

Slingshot is promoting a pod cast on that discusses how to leverage ERP software, organizational structure and business requirements to support changing business processes.

To support your changing business processes, agile and intuitive software that enables you to extend your systems (in house) without programming is fast becoming the key for your business to achieve the next level of growth, efficiency and profitability.

We’ve posted a blog entry on the topic of changing business processes and also encourage you to review the pod cast.  The team here at Slingshot is excited to be pioneers in the realm of changing business processes, and to be ready to deliver against the needs of manufacturing organizations as they seek to implement the next generation of ERP software systems.

We invite you to review our materials and contact us as if you’d like to discuss ERP software and a new approach to staying on top of your changing business processes.