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Free White Paper: The Five Simple Secrets to a Successful Software Initiative

November 29, 2008

In late November, Slingshot published a white paper titled The Five Simple Secrets to a Successful Software Initiative.  The document distills several decades’ worth of project planning and project management experience accrued by the Slingshot team as they worked with hundreds of companies through the software selection and system implementation processes.

The Five Secrets are at one pragmatic and blindingly simple articulation of project planning principles.  The challenge for the project management practitioner is in their implementation.  Recognizing that each business environment has its own unique set of challenges, balancing the implementation of the Five Secrets against the daily pressure for progress (particularly early in the project) requires steadfast commitment from the project manager.  During these critical early stages, it’s a case of failing to plan truly meaning that you’re planning to fail.

The Five Secrets provide project planning guidance for anyone charged with a software selection and implementation project.  Their early establishment on your project will ensure a firm base from which your management team can derive ongoing confidence that they will rely on to make tough decisions when key elements of the system’s functionality come into question (which they ultimately will).

We have written a blog entry that discusses our compulsion for developing this project management guide.  We believe we have something genuine to offer the project management practitioner as they set their foundation for success at the commencement of their project.

The Five Secrets white paper is free, and is available for immediate download.