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Defer License Costs with Slingshot’s Momentum Program

May 28, 2009

Investing in the future of your business during periods of economic uncertainty is what separates your business from the competition. Industry leaders confirm that now is a good time to make strategic investments in your company’s operational systems. ERP software should be on top of your to-do list, given the positive impact that improvements in procurement and supply chain management can have on your bottom line.

Slingshot’s Momentum promotion is all about enabling you to invest in your business at a time when the greatest competitive advantage can be gained. Our Momentum campaign enables you to defer software licensing costs until two consecutive quarters of GDP growth are published.

Your ROI will skyrocket when the recovery kicks in, and your operational efficiency goals will be met and exceeded at the same time.

By all means, contact us to discuss the Momentum campaign, and how it might unlock much needed investment in your business systems. Slingshot provides a genuine low cost alternative to your ERP software challenges.