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Bare Escentuals Goes Live With Slingshot

July 31, 2007

On Tuesday 24th July, Bare Escentuals (BE) went live with their implementation of Sell, Slingshot’s Sales Order Management system.

In response to strong and consistent growth, BE selected Slingshot to meet a number of challenges presented by their direct-to-consumer business model in the beauty products market.  Using the eTools rapid application development utility, BE implemented Sell with a number of extensions that respond to their unique business requirements.

The ability to accept multiple forms of payment and delivery instructions from single customers were critical functions to enable BE to respond to customer needs.  Along with this, web services supporting credit/debit card transactions (requiring secure encryption to merchants) and tax calculation systems have also been key drivers behind BE’s requirements.

To improve each customers' experience in the fulfillment orders, BE has also implemented Slingshot’s workflows, alerts and span of control functionality.  These three things enable rapid on-line approval of nominated business processes, notification of exceptions to normal order processing and control over which team members have access to which system functions and information.

eCity Sell is currently processing hundreds of orders per day, a figure which will scale to thousands as the full capacity of BE’s international sales infrastructure comes on-line in the coming months.

Slingshot is looking forward to continuing its successful partnership with BE.